Marriage may not sail through smoothly for every couple. Even the compatible and well-adjusted couples are not exempted from marriage failure. Sorry to say, dealing with the task of saving an already failing marriage can be very painful and difficult. Lucky enough, it does not have to be.

Mutual understanding is the key aspect of how to re-establish intimacy, properly communicate and avoid the problems of blame game, saving a failing marriage may be somewhat a rewarding experience. The following tips may be very useful during times of falling marriage.

1. Agree to avoid blame game Normally, solutions are better than to see a marriage failing due to petty reasons

Additionally, if these petty reasons are not solved amicably, blame game is bound to arise, thereby creating animosity against each other in the marriage. It is, therefore, imperative to establish solutions that complement and strengthen marriage bonds other than breaking them. Blame game is not good for marriage because it automatically dissociate couples with no opportunity for consultations.

2. Solve emotional baggage Agree to eliminate emotional baggage

In fact it is very wise to communicate in order to establish factors that have led to marriage failure. Accumulating emotional baggage will eventually generate animosity against each other in the marriage. By explaining to each other, it will relieve the animosity, thereby saving the marriage from failing.

3. Criticize gently It is worth interesting to note that criticisms may break the marriage completely

Although criticisms are normal, they should be done in a gentle manner and considerate. Moreover, harsh judgment may impact negatively on marriage, thereby breaking the relationship. It is, therefore, important to criticize gently when involved in any heated arguments.

4. Keep the romantic flame burning As time goes, there is a tendency that romance slowly diminishes

This may result in marriage failure in the long run because couples are not satisfied with the marriage. This may lead to infidelity in the long run. It is, therefore, imperative to keep the romance alive at all times despite the craziness and chaos. Additionally, resolving romantic suggestions is the best way to keep the marriage alive. For example, you can decide to cook for spouse her best meal. She will indeed feel loved.

5. Re-establish intimacy Failing marriage may be as a result of poor intimacy

As a couple, it is important to discuss how to reconnect in an intimate way by expanding the conversation ahead of sexual intimacy. This will strengthen several marriage areas such trust, which is a key element of a lasting marriage.

6. Seek counseling services Sometimes it may be noted that a marriage is headed for a total failure because of irreconcilable differences

These differences may arise because each party is not willing to accept past mistakes, thereby making the other party not willing to forgive. This will be made possible by visiting a church elder, a parent or a marriage counselor and discuss all the marriage problems. This will require a positive approach in order to accept the ultimate outcomes. All the resolutions passed must be adhered to, but it must be adhered with a reconciling heart not just for the sake of a problem. Indeed, this will save the marriage from failing.