Sharing an intense feeling, such as love, requires several things. This comes as a surprise to most people because the idea of communicating their affection for someone revolves around lessons learned during awkward teenage years while referring to romantic comedies for all the best upgrades. Unfortunately, these are not time tested or honored methods for presenting one’s true feelings. Paying attention to a few things, doing them well and utilizing targeted approaches grant a window into the impact of love on an individual’s life.

General Guides

While anytime should be right eliciting passion, a heartfelt connection flourishes better under certain parameters. People need to cultivate the setting and this means being aware of the basics.

The Right Time: Though a tricky concept, selecting the right time with a matching location aids in good communication. A noisy restaurant or bar during a busy time when shouting is necessary to be heard creates an unnecessary struggle. Also, be aware of what time of year, week or day works best. Stressed CPAs might find a deep discussion difficult to maintain during the first half of the month of April.

Look in the Eyes: Face to face communication allows subtle nuances to be read by the other person. Reading an expression and a look held in someone’s eyes is nearly impossible in any other situation, including the much vaunted video chat.

Check Everything Else: Body language says a great deal about what someone communicates without a singe word being uttered. Making sure positioning and posture demonstrates openness proves vital to the entire process. Hearing someone loves you while their arms are crossed and wearing a frown might be harder to accept.

Circle Back: Make sure the event does not occur once

Everyone, even the most socially uncomfortable individuals, needs this message presented multiple times. Most couple err on the side of not saying it enough. It is equally important to avoid the troubling trap of making it a routine. Hearing the rote «I love you» tossed off at five in the afternoon everyday might cause the hearer to wonder if the words become a habit rather than a genuine feeling.

Tailoring the Message

Every person is unique. Therefore, professions of love should be presented in ways meeting their specific needs. It is also important because what one person wants might not match their partner. Find out what the person enjoys and responds to and adjust actions accordingly. Here are a few options.

  • Contact: Holding hands, rubbing someone’s shoulders or a kiss breaks the boundaries of personal space while showing how intimate and honest a partner’s feelings are.
  • Eye Contact: Many conversations happen over a shoulder or with a screen blocking the connection.

Drop the device and look them in the eye when sharing deep emotions.

  • Spending Time: Clearing aside a day or night to spend with someone special demonstrates the level of priority they possess within one’s life because nothing else is ahead of them. *
  • Compliments: Often people do not hear how special they truly are. Being specific and sincere amps up the power of affection because the receiver knows they have been seen and valued.
  • Write It: Committing to a sentiment in writing infuses the expression with the sharer’s personal voice and provides a permanent record of what is shared. This allows the receiver to return to the message of affection repeatedly.

Communicating deep feelings for another person taps into some of the very things connecting people. Their impact cannot be minimized. Also, sharing these things values the person in ways no other aspect of their lives can ever touch. All it takes is time and sincere expressions of how much they mean. So say it.